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My First Blog

   Do you have a passion for something that is so strong? It is all you can ever think about? The thought of this 'something' makes you work harder, dream bigger, and push yourself to the limit? My 'something' is music...

   To be honest, I started this blog because it was assigned to my second period English class. Hovever, I believe that this is an awesome way to get my name out there and have fun working on a new 'project'. I hope that you enjoy reading about my journey in music and the opportunities that hopefully appear in the near future. I will try my best to subscribe my feed with relatable posts, facts, and tips that I have used to complete what I have accomplished, myself.

   Music, to me, is extremly powerful. I started singing before I could even speak. Part of the reason, I believe, is because of my dad's beat. You see, I was a very difficult child and wouldn't go to sleep at night. This led to my dad having to drive me around our neighborhood for hours on end. Once I would fall asleep, he'd hold me in his arms and tap the rhytm of his favorite tunes onto my back. By the time I was 4, I was already belting out the lyrics to "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond. Now, 15 years later, my parents and sisters beg for me to be quiet once in a while and let their ear's "have a break".

  When I was 8, I got my very first piano. It was a gift from my grandparents. Since I first laid eyes on a keyboard, I fell in love. Even just the thought of owning a piano as an instrument was such a breathtaking imagination. When I walked in from school on an ordinary day, sitting in my living room, was a beautiful, ginormous, and elegant piano; because I had already experienced four years of personal lessons, I happily played my first piece on that gorgeous piano--the moment I saw it.

   To me, music is my escape. Music is my get away; It is the one thing that I can always relay on. There are numerous numbers of melodies, tunes, and lyrics in the world. Not only have so many songs been created, they are still continuing to evolve and grow. Today, there are more than a million different reasons that inspire a handful of different songs. Each musician has a story behind their actions and the music that they produce... Here is mine...



Side Note

   Hello, bloggers! Today I have been going through the blogging atmosphere and finding others who can relate to my love for music! I noticed that there are so many inspiring and interesting blog posts out there! (Thank you if you are currently viewing mine). As a side note: if you would like to comment on anything of mine... You can comment on one of my photos in my photo album! I will be moving all of my posts onto the 'Blog' page. You can also comment on my blogs if you would like to recommend your blog, start a conversation, or simply just leave something to say! I will be switching up my webpage- it is still getting up and running! There will be links, videos, and pictures to be added.